Erdobeans Limited, which started its commercial life in 2003, has taken an important place in the pulses and Cereals sector in a short time with its principled and selfless working principles that prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Macedonia and Ukraine Erdobeans make a difference in their branches with activities in the business of advanced sales and marketing personnel and skilled and qualified experts in its network by combining natural organic products that are produced with the high quality standards of farmers, their valuable labor by manipulating it with the facility with quality, healthy and transports clients on a reliable basis. Erdobeans has become one of the important pulses suppliers in the markets of Turkey, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Georgia, Iraq, Iran and Egypt with its innovative work every day. As Erdobeans, we commit to our valued customers that we will do our work with the same seriousness and rigor from this day to sonar in order to be able to water natural and quality products, taking care of customer satisfaction as a priority. Erdobeans for a happier and healthier tomorrow with you.

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